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Sekhmet's Eclectic Memoirs

Tails of a Feline

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Howdy out there! I am Sekhmet. My friends call me Suki. My mommy named me after the lion-headed Egyptian Goddess of War. I agree with her that it fits me well. I love to hunt, but dammit everythings OUTSIDE and I am INSIDE! So I kill my giant stuffed mousey to pass away the time. I am also energetic and like to pounce and bite my humans' butts. I once sunk my WHOLE claw into my Mommy's butt. heh, heh. Very uncomfortable... for both of us.
I am a ninja sorceress. I can prove it. When I was first allowed to run around the house unsupervised I got in the fridge and locked myself in. It was a mystery to my humans cuz the fridge was shut, so I was too small to open it, and it would have needed force to shut it. Mmmagic! Tee hee, I'll never tell how I did that.
The other thing I can do is defy time and space. For example, one time Mommy tied a balloon to me and I really hated it. So I ran down the hall. They heard a pop and couldn't find the balloon in the house. The next day they found it in plain sight. Did they ever think of looking in other dimensions? I don't think so.
I am also so fast that it takes mere nanoseconds to get from one place to another. Awesome if I may say so.
My best friend use to be my sister, Tambiss. She went to Kitty Heaven my Mommy said. She was fourteen years old. I am glad I was adopted and joined the family in time to meet her. She was so awesome, even when she tried to constantly bathe me.
My other sibling are three ferrets, known as the surfferrets. Snowflake is the albino. She thinks she is a princess with pretty magenta eyes. I say... whateva. Squeakers is the alpha male. He has adreenall gland deeseese or sumthing. He fun is to play with and rough. I like that in a man. Lastly, is Franklin Edward Fudg-a-velt. He is roly poly and silly. He eats just about everything except meat.
Favorite Toy: Furry Mousey
Favorite color: Black (I blend with it particularlly well, though sometimes I make it difficult for my humans to find me on other colors as well).
Favorite Food: Cream Cheese, oh yeah.
Favorite Activities: Watching T.V., especially scary movies. I like the way the colors and sounds move and stretch. I also like playing with my mousey, eating treats (especially human food), I like defying time and space, playing tricks, licking my friends, 'cat fights', sleeping in odd places.
One thing that makes me a little more understanding of my humans is that I had to sleep and stay in one room for two months. My Mommy was practically the only one who hung out with me. I use to sleep on her neck when I was tiny, but grew out of that. I now sleep on her tummy :) I had to be quarantined, cuz Tambiss didn't like me at first. She hadn't had to be sociable with other cats since she started living with Daddy. It took almost two months for her to accept me. It was worth the wait though. We then became inseperable and best playmates. Well, now you understand why I am such a Mommy's Gurl :)
I hope you enjoy my entries and hope to become friends.
Last June we adopted my brother padilius_rex. He's been my companion and friend. We like to fight a lot and have fun :) Also I have a new sister, Princess Hailey Alexis. She is still afraid of us, even though she is has lived with us since the middle of December. She is coming out of her shell recently. Her journal is stray_cat_strut.

More pics of my boyfriend, Joe D

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Date Created:2003-06-23
Number of Posts: 105

Sekhmet is a gorgeous black kitty. Some would liken her to the goddess Bastet. Sekhmet is named after the powerful goddess of war from ancient Egypt. Her mother hoped to imbue her power from the goddess and indeed she has strength and power.
Strengths: Laid back, wild, friendly, loving, a fighter, not afraid of anything.
Weaknesses: Loves to eat food whenever possible, bites when upset, beats up Mr. Bottle, not afraid of anything.
Special Skills: Hunter(including, but not exclusive to bugs, balloons, and mousies), Sorceress, Time Machine, Leg Warmer, Garbage Disposal, Supersonic Hearing.
Weapons: Fangs, giant razorblade claws, back feet for kickboxing, Deafening Screech.
Favorite Things in Life: mrjoed, my parents, my brother padilius_rex, the surfferrets (Squeakers, Snowflake, and Franklin Fudge), cream cheese, fuzzy blankies, kitty treats, meat, cheese, scary movies, cuddles, sleeping with the 'rents, looking out the window, playing outside, killing ballons and buggies, playing with toys, sleeping and EATING!

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